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Welcome to this freshly started wiki on Learning Societies. Our aims in this shared space are:

  • Documenting local efforts around the world to forward community learning
  • Summarising (academic) literature related to learning societies - all fields are welcome
  • Offer practical advice, guides and resources to aid community learning

Please refer to the User's Guide for information on using wiki software. A good model for building a specialised wiki can be found in The Edutech Wiki, whose editing policies we may want to adopt.

Find a list of all published pages here - you are encouraged to interlink them.

Site Overview[edit]

We are currently exploring the following themes in relation to Learning Societies. Content will be added as studies are progressing. Feel free to contribute or add your own research topic.

You can also look at the following categories of topics:

Learning Cities & Regions[edit]

Next to contributing to theme pages, Learning Cities and Regions are encouraged to document their city's progress on a dedicated page. Feel free to add yours here!